Images in Ink

A Little About Pointillism
What exactly is Pointillism? Well, all of Mike Wytinck's drawings presented here at Images In Ink are created with ‘pen & ink’ pointillism, also known as stippling. The technique is formed by applying black ink using technical ink pens on illustration board where dots are gradually applied and grouped together to form an image. Basically, the closer the dots, the darker the tones and the further the dots are apart, the lighter the tones. Other than the initial pencil drawing/ layout there is nothing else used but pens and black ink to create all of my drawings.

As a pointillist, I’m fascinated by the simple black dot which has no dimensions, no length or width. It is a rigid, hard medium, and can be very unforgiving if a mistake is made. Basically, you cannot make mistakes!

With pen and ink pointillism, the technique forces the artist to carefully lay down the foreground image first and then apply the background afterwards. This is basically the total opposite of how a traditional painter would create their works.

Pointillism was first introduced in the 1880’s by the French artist Georges Pierre Seurat where he used tiny dots of  primary colours to generate secondary colours to great effect. 

Pointillism is classified as a Post-Impressionist (or Neo-Impressionist) school of drawing and is a product of the Societe des Artistes Independents in 1884. Basically, I have pointillism to another extreme by using only pen and ink.

In my humble opinion, the end result, justifies the means and is well worth the wait. Luckily I LOVE music as well which I also get to enjoy as I literally spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours on each of my works. 

Dot’s all for now!!